The Many Types of Advertising

When you think of the different types of advertising, several come to mind. There is the traditional means to advertise: newspapers, magazines, radio, television commercials, billboards, and even taxicabs. Yet there are other types of advertising. There is aerial advertising, which is very different in many aspects.Here is information about the different kinds of advertising and the exposure presented.Radio advertising is aimed at the local customers. The down side to using radio, the customer needs to have the station tuned in. Placement of ads on the radio is another consideration since the importance of calculating the most opportune listening time is crucial to the ad being heard at the best time. The upside to using radio is the audience does tend to remember jingles that are catchy.Magazine and newspaper advertising are directed to the subscribers. The subscriptions limit the availability to non-subscribers. The concept of being able to read information online with the internet is slowly changing the subscriptions to this advertising market. Limitations of circulation of magazines and newspapers mean fewer people viewing the advertisementsTelevision commercial advertising is channeled to the viewers. Limitation of viewers based on the available channel selections lower the exposure audience. With the availability of cable and satellite to consumers, locating the client base for the advertisement can easily be lost or overlooked.Billboard advertising focuses on the area of the billboard. Limitations of outside regions viewing the information are high. Getting the attention of the passersby to view the information is also a subject to be considered.Taxicab or bus advertising focuses on the area of the transit of the vehicle. This limits the range of viewing audience. This much like billboards, presents the issue of grabbing the attention of the public the advertisement is trying to expose the information.Aerial banner advertising focuses on vast population of various regions. Based upon the region the exposure is limitless. Grabbing or gaining the public’s attention is based on simple human nature to look-up at the airplane that is flying overhead. People typically look up when a plane flies overhead. To have a banner with an advertisement towing behind it adds more curiosity and response.People tend to remember aerial advertising at a high rate. They also tend to communicate to others about the advertisement by sharing the information word-of-mouth. This word-of-mouth is absolutely free but is important benefit of aerial advertising.Aerial advertising can be done throughout the entire year but the warmer months are preferred. The coverage region or exposure of the advertisements is only limited to the area chosen by the client. This area of choice can be better utilized when you consult the aerial adverting consultant. To optimize maximum visualization of the advertisement is the main goal.Aerial advertising has certain restrictions yet these restrictions are fewer than the other means of advertising. To have your advertisement focused on a certain crowd or group is easily obtained through proper planning and calculated timing when you contact your aerial advertising consultant.Arnold Aerial Advertising is one of the many companies that provide such services. Located in New York, Arnold Aerial Advertising provides nationwide service with affordable rates.

Why Aerial Advertising?

You have decided to use aerial advertising. You might not be quite sure the effectiveness of the type of advertising. Here are some statistics to help you feel at ease with your decision. Statistics gathered by the Northeast Marketing of Yarmouth for the Maine State Commerce Department are as follows:The State of Maine Lottery was established and presented; advertising was outsourced to different branches of the media. A mere 8% of this budget being allocated to aerial advertising.An impact study completed showed 70% of the people questioned knew about the lottery based on the following advertising media used:Billboards: 21.6%
Radio: 19.8%
Aerial Advertising: 18.3%
Television: 15.9%
Posters: 14.9%Source: Northeast Marketing of Yarmouth for the Maine State Commerce Department Aerial advertising obtained 18.3% of the target with only 8% of the budgetary costs. For the bottom line, minded person or professional, using only 8% of your budget to obtain a high yield on advertising or any other kind of investment, is a great opportunity to not only save valuable dollars but also an intelligent and strategically move.How many times in the past have you spent money on advertising only to get limited response. That happens a great deal of the time with inappropriate means of advertising. It happens to everyone who only uses the old fashion methods of newspapers or magazines. Don’t fall victim to the old ways of advertising. Utilize a proven method to advertise. Aerial advertising is proven. It is effective and cost efficient.Part of advertising is reaching the public. With aerial advertising you select the region to be exposed. You select the frequency of the exposure. You select the type of message presented to create the greatest impact.There are other benefits of advertising aerially. Not only will you gain mast exposure, people will spread the experience of viewing your information with others, which is totally free to you. Consider it a form of free advertisement. Word-of-mouth advertising has been in existence for a long time, so optimize on the fact people love to talk. Who would ever turn down free advertisement? Naturally the answer no one. Take advantage of this opportunity to spread the word you want to present.Consider this; people who view your advertisement will also retain the information in various ways. They will either memorize the message, put it into their cell phones, PDAs, or even write it down. They will recall the information later and utilize it. No matter how they use the information you have given them, they will use it. That is the true objective of the advertisement.Aerial advertising makes an impact on people. They will remember the message. They will tell others about the information. They will act on the information provided. This additional form of free advertisement will work to achieve the original goal you set for yourself.You have obtained your original goal to reach out. Reaching your goal simply by using an unique form of advertising at an affordable cost, this means advertising with aerial advertising.Arnold Aerial Advertising is one of the many companies that provide such services. Located in New York, Arnold Aerial Advertising provides nationwide service with affordable rates.